Government, Meloni: “After a year, a more credible and stable nation”

The Prime Minister: “Italy is growing more than the European average, I’m proud of this”

“On 25 September a year ago, a clear indication came from the Italians: a centre-right government led by the Brothers of Italy. We gave our all to achieve victory, aware that this would not be a point of arrival but a point of departure”. Giorgia Meloni writes it on social media, posting a photo where she is holding a sign with the words ‘thank you Italy’. “After a year I still don’t feel like making budgets, that’s up to the citizens – she writes – But I can say one thing: I promised to deliver a better Italy than I received it and I can affirm that today our nation is more credible, stable and listened to“.

After a year in government “I am satisfied with the results achieved, starting from the economic data which gives us the record number of employed people and that of stable contracts. I also think of all the resources we have concentrated to help families and businesses and the measures that we have activated in terms of safety and legality”. “Italy – points out – it grows more than the European average and I’m proud of this“.

“2024 will be a very important year, the year of the major reforms that this nation needs – underlines the Prime Minister – the tax reform first and foremost, but also the start of the constitutional reform and that of justice. And then, the great merit reform, particularly in schools. We have a lot of work to do in front of us but this is what we will do in compliance with the commitments made to the Italians.” “Italy has chosen us and we will not betray it“, he concludes.