Government, Meloni: “Be quick, too many important deadlines”

The leader of Fdi: “Center-right together with Colle for consultations. Me draghiana? It’s just an orderly transition”

“Whatever happens we must try to do it quickly. There are too many important deadlines. “So Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy, responding to reporters about the formation of the new government.

As for the consultations, those who ask her if the Center-right will go together with the Quirinale explains that “we have not yet questioned ourselves about this, but reasonably yes, we have done it in the past”, remembers the leader of FdI who then returns to point the finger at the reconstructions of printing. “I’m intrigued by the reconstructions I read in the morning. I read that ‘Meloni has become draghiana’… I think normal people who try to organize one orderly transition, respecting the institutions, do a normal thing. It’s not like there’s a mess. I don’t understand the reconstructions “, he reiterates, leaving the Montecitorio offices.

As for his contacts with Roberto Cingolani, Minister of Ecological Transition in the outgoing government, he clarifies: “It is not a question of differences. There is the energy question, which is clearly what is most worrying for me now. There is the government that is working in Europe in a very complex negotiation. On the subject of the price cap I think I was among the first to argue that this was one of the possible solutions. it is normal for me to hear Minister Cingolani to find out how the negotiations are going and to decide, if necessary, on what is the use of what we can do “.

With the outgoing government “it is normal to talk to each other, there is no divergence from this point of view. The divergence seems to me rather within some European choices that are taking place”, remarked the leader of Fdi.