Government, Meloni does not back down: “To hurry up”

Fratelli d’Italia warns: “Whoever takes off takes responsibility”

Now the watchword in the center-right is to decant the situation. It will be a weekend of reflection after the ‘blue tear’ on the election of Ignazio La Russa as president of the Senate and the Fi-Fdi clash on the ‘notes of the Cav’. At present there is no meeting between Giorgia Meloni (today at home with her family) and Silvio Berlusconi, who flew last night to Arcore for the weekend. The word is therefore up to the bridging workers at work in these 48 hours due to the thaw. Even if the failure to participate in the Fi vote at Palazzo Madama without answering the call and depositing the blank ballot, in the parts of Via della Scrofa was considered by some as a ‘retaliation’ for the exclusion from the Cdm of the very faithful of the Cav, Licia Ronzulli , by others a betrayal if not a real affront.

Now it will be a question of understanding what the point of fall will be to re-establish a confrontation that was abruptly interrupted. The outgoing group leader of Fdi at Palazzo Madama Luca Ciriani warns the ally: “ In the Senate the numbers are there, even if not very large as long as we all remain united, but if someone from the coalition were to take off, they would assume a huge responsibility first and foremost towards the voters. “Not surprisingly, the reference to a sense of responsibility is also in the words that Meloni has used today on a completely different occasion: to condemn the threats to La Russa with the appearance of the 5-pointed star in the headquarters of Fdi alla Garbatella: “I hope that the sense of responsibility of politics prevails over ideological hatred, because Italy and the Italians must go back to running, together”.

They say that the leader of via della Scrofa, once the game of the presidencies of the Chamber and Senate is over, is more determined than ever to go on her way because the Italians would not understand slowdowns or ‘stop and go’ due to crossed vetoes and palace games. For her, what matters is loyalty and once again competence, the main criterion for the choice of future ministers.

‘Stakes’ that cannot be renounced, which the Azzurri will have to accept. Otherwise, many among the ranks of Fdi are convinced, there is the possibility that Giorgia will go ahead even alone, playing on the bank with the League, which has already collected the presidency of the Chamber (with Lorenzo Fontana) and armored the super-ministry of Economy, with Giancarlo Giorgetti. There are those who bet, in fact, that once he got the job, if Fi were to go to the Greek Kalends, Meloni would go straight, with the real risk that Berlusconi will find himself some ‘surprises’ in the list of ministers, as happened with the training of the Draghi government, when big names like Antonio Tajani and Annamaria Bernini remained out.

Mixed feelings reign in the party of the Melonians. On the one hand there is confidence in the resumption of dialogue with the Azzurri, but there are those who see the situation rather compromised: “It is difficult to mend”, sighs an elected off the records, “at this rate it will be necessary to find an alternative to Fi … “. When asked if the center-right will join the Quirinale consultations, Ciriani replies: “You have to ask Forza Italia, I don’t understand why we shouldn’t.” The Calabrian governor, Roberto Occhiuto, trusts in a mending of relations: “I am convinced that everything will be resolved between Berlusconi and Meloni: it was like a slap in the face given by the father to his son …”. Lega, Matteo Salvini: “Harmony will return between Giorgia and Silvio ”.

Everything, however, is postponed to Monday. Meanwhile the totonomi does not stop. According to the latest boatos, among the blues eligible for the government upgrade, the ‘ronzulliani’ would remain out and there would be Tajani (always on pole for the Farnesina), Bernini (University or European Politics), Gilberto Pichetto Fratin (parliamentarian considered close to Bernini and welcomed by the blue number two), the former president of the Senate, Elisabetta Alberti Casellati (Justice) and Maurizio Gasparri (Public administration). A retaliation against the Azzurri senators who did not vote for La Russa is excluded from Fdi circles. It would be counterproductive, they reason, because a fatwa would undermine the votes for the majority in Palazzo Madama.