Government, Meloni: “France denies Boone, no to interference from abroad”

The leader of the Brothers of Italy replies to the interview in which the French minister for European affairs promised to “monitor” respect for the rule of law in Italy. “Paris remedies this new slip”, writes the premier in pectore on Facebook. She who then warns: “The era of governments asking for protection from other countries is over”. Paris: “Simplified sentence, don’t want to give lessons”

“Paris denies”, “enough interference from abroad”. Giorgia Meloni comments on Facebook the words spoken by Laurence Boone, the French government’s minister for European affairs who in an interview with The Republic he promised to “monitor” compliance with the rule of law in Italy. The reply from Paris: “Simplified sentences, we don’t want to give lessons”.

The attack

“The era of Pd-led governments asking for protection abroad is over, I think it is clear to everyone both in Italy and in Europe.” This is the reply entrusted by Meloni to a post on her social profile. For the leader of Fdi , in fact, Boone’s represents yet another “slip” after the words of the same tenor pronounced by the French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne in the aftermath of the elections that sanctioned the victory of his party. Hence, the request for an immediate turn : “I hope that the left-wing press has misrepresented the real statements made by foreign government exponents and I trust that the French executive denies these sentences, which too resemble an unacceptable threat of interference against a sovereign state, a member of the European Union” .

Boone’s words

In the incriminated interview, the new French minister declared the full will of the government to “work with Rome” and specified that “we will respect the democratic choice of the Italians. But then he recalled that “divergences exist” and that therefore Paris will monitor “respect for the values ​​and rules of the rule of law in Italy”, just as the EU “has already demonstrated its know-how in Hungary and Poland”. There was no lack of reference to specific issues, such as that of abortion. “France is in favor of its inclusion in the Charter of Human Rights of the Union,” said Boone of the matter. He then added: “We must bring a voice for the protection of the rights of women, sexual minorities and all minorities in general. When we see what happened in the US, we understand that we must remain extremely vigilant. “

France: “We don’t give lessons”

“The presentation in this interview of the relationship we intend to have with Italy excessively simplifies the minister’s thought”. This is the reply that came after Meloni’s words directly from Boone’s cabinet sources. The officials added: “The minister, who is close to Italy, does not intend to give lessons to anyone but, on the contrary, wants to carry on the work of cooperation and dialogue with the future executive as soon as possible”.