Government, Meloni: “Horizon is 5 years. Draghi? I feel the weight of the legacy”

“The stakes are very high and I think most everyone realizes that”

“My times coincide with those of my allies, I think we all give ourselves a 5-year horizon. One of Italy’s strengths at the moment I think is precisely the impression of a government that can have stability, a medium-term horizon. This is a great element of strength: the stakes are very high and I think that most of all are aware of this”. The prime minister says so Giorgia Meloni in the press conference at the end of the year, when asked about the executive’s prospects.

If my time is circular or linear? “My time is cadenced, it is a time that continues to be right if it is cadenced by answers. I would like it to continue to be seen that we are working, that we are facing big thorny issues that no one had had the courage to face, assuming responsibility choices”, says Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, answering questions from journalists.

Do you feel the ‘weight’ of Mario Draghi’s figure? “Clearly I feel it and I’m pleased. Competing against capable and authoritative people has been the challenge of my life. I envy those who enjoy being someone by demonstrating their opponents’ impresentability: I never liked winning easy,” he said. Meloni replied.

“Draghi is a person of great authority at a national and international level, I am aware of his legacy”, it is a “fascinating challenge and I think this should push me and the whole government to demonstrate that it can be done well”, he remarks . “It seems to me that compared to the ten plagues of Egypt that should have arrived in the change between the old and the new government, in the end we are still defending this nation in the best way”, observed the Fdi leader.

“What I’ve done up to now is right-wing, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it… I don’t want to survive, but to be proud,” Meloni added. “My intention is not to survive. You must be proud of what you have done and to be proud you must be consistent with what you believe in. I claim everything we’ve done up to now, what would I like to leave? A proud and optimistic nation. Things we miss,’ he says. “I can’t say what I brought to the government. Those who work with me say I’m extremely fast, I think women should be, we’re used to doing everything with one hand. I hope concreteness is the added value”, adds again. ”I have sometimes had the impression that we women were the first victims of the taboos that had been imposed on us… I have said it many times: competition is competition if I compete at 360 degrees but this does not mean that I have to waiting for others to give me something. In real competition nobody gives you anything and if you want to be a leader, you can’t wait to be put on top. You have to be put from underneath…”. she later explained.