Government, Meloni: “I saw Berlusconi, a very cordial and constructive meeting”

“I am optimistic” said the president of Fratelli d’Italia, arriving at the Coldiretti Village in Milan. Joint note Fdi-Fi: “High profile team, focus on dossier and dear energy”

Milan, 1 Oct. (Adnkronos)

“I have already seen President Berlusconi. It was a very cordial and very constructive meeting. I am optimistic”. This was stated by the president of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, arriving at the Coldiretti Village in Milan. For Meloni it is the first public outing after last Sunday’s vote which sanctioned the victory of the center-right coalition.

During the meeting, which – reads a joint note from Fdi and Fi – “took place in a climate of great collaboration and unity of purpose”, the two leaders reiterated “their satisfaction with the success of the center-right in the elections policies and took stock of the current political situation “. Meloni and Berlusconi “then investigated the most urgent dossiers on the agenda, starting with dear energy”. The two leaders then discussed “on the next institutional steps in view of the convening of the next Parliament” and shared “the need for Italy to need a high-profile government, capable of dealing with the serious emergencies that the country finds itself in. opposite “, concludes the note by Fdi and Fi.