Government, Meloni: “I’m not here to survive by watching the polls”

The premier’s words in the latest Vespa book: “To solve the immigration problem, let Africa talk to the EU”

In the book ‘The great storm’ Bruno Vespa asks a Giorgia Meloni why you should succeed where the previous seventeen governments failed, in terms of gross domestic product growth. “The only real advantage I have over others,” he replies, “is that I won’t work to stay in this place. I’m not here to survive by watching the polls. In five years, I don’t want to be re-elected at any cost. nothing to lose, you can pull the rope harder. To do things you have to break the mold; if you live in fear of not being re-elected, you are destined not to do anything “.

“It seems to me that immigration policy has changed since the first days of government”, continues the premier in the book on the theme of migrants. “Above all, the strategic approach has changed. Before being a problem of internal politics and public order, immigration is a problem of foreign policy and geopolitics. The only way to solve it is to let Africa talk to the ‘Europe”.

“This is why I launched the project of a Mattei plan, referring to the great founding strategist of Eni who redeemed the oil-producing countries from the colonialism of the big American companies”.

It is necessary “the restoration of the Sophia operation, born in 2015, which in the third phase, never implemented, envisaged to root out the organizational system of smuggling of human beings, that is what we have always defined as ‘naval blockade'”, he explains again. the premier.

“Here – continues Meloni when it is pointed out to her that the autumn of 2022 saw departures from Libya and Tunisia resume with an increase of 50 percent compared to 2021 – we must remember what the law of the sea is, so often invoked if you happen to encounter a boat in trouble at sea, you are bound to save whoever is on board “.

“But if you go back and forth between the African coasts and Italy to ferry migrants, you are openly violating the law of the sea and international legislation. recognizes and takes charge of it or that becomes a pirate ship. ”