Government, Meloni leaving for Iraq: “Signal to those who sacrifice themselves more than us”

The announcement: “I have decided to send best wishes to all our soldiers engaged in peacekeeping missions”

“I am leaving tonight for Iraq, I have decided to send best wishes to all our soldiers engaged in peacekeeping missions”. This was announced by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, meeting the parliamentarians of the Brothers of Italy for Christmas greetings. “You know – he continued after a standing ovation from those present – that Italy is in command of the NATO mission in Iraq. There are another 4/5 ministers leaving for other theaters where our soldiers are engaged. It is a gesture to give an important signal to these people who certainly sacrifice themselves more than us”.

“Amid a thousand difficulties and running in and these complex days of the Budget law and despite what can and must be improved, it seems to me that compared to those who hoped and foreshadowed a departure of this Government and this majority as a catastrophe, the whole story that has been done against us is going back to him like a boomerang”, said the prime minister.

“Thanks again for what we will do together, let’s hope for a long time yet…”, so the premier then made a toast with the employees of Palazzo Chigi gathered in the courtyard of the Prime Minister’s office for Christmas and New Year’s greetings , with the buffet prepared by the students of the Fiumicino hotel institute that Meloni thanked for their work. The premier thanked the employees of Palazzo Chigi for their “precious work”.