Government, Meloni: “Left lies unmasked, Italy stronger with us”

“Today in all European and international forums Italy is recognized as a solid, credible, reliable nation”

“During the electoral campaign, the left had told the Italians that if the Brothers of Italy and the center-right had come to power, Italy would have been condemned to decline, the plagues of Egypt would have come upon us, investors would have abandoned us and unemployment would have exploded. But the problem with when you lie shamelessly is that in the end the truth always exposes you. In fact it didn’t go like this and reality imposed itself on lies and ideology”. Thus the premier Giorgia Meloni in the interview with the weekly ‘Chi’ on newsstands today.

“The OECD and the European Commission have revised their forecasts for Italian GDP upwards, with a forecast estimate of GDP at plus 1.2 per cent in 2023. We are demonstrating greater reliability than the rest of the Eurozone, with a growth beyond expectations and higher than the European average and that of the main continental economies, if we consider the plus 0.7 percent forecast for France and the plus 0.2 percent forecast for Germany. employment, with a record number of employed people, stable contracts and with an unemployment rate at its lowest since 2009. A positive macroeconomic framework which, however, requires us to do even more and better, to consolidate and strengthen the trend”.

“Today, in all European and international fora, Italy is recognized as a solid, credible, reliable nation. Strong in its reasons and interests, strong in its tradition of dialogue and its geopolitical role. And this also means that it is much more listened to than before and therefore more effective in defending its interests. I say this with pride, also thinking of the many who bet that a centre-right-led Italy would be isolated. Once again the results have belied the predictions”, claims the Prime Minister.

“The horizon before me is that of the legislature and it is the only one that interests me”, says the premier.

“Of course – continues the prime minister – in these first few months we have already done many things and launched the reforms. I am thinking of the tax delegation, a measure awaited for 50 years with which we want to lower taxes, reward those who produce more and have an eye for families and the most fragile. But I am also thinking of what we have done with the Labor decree, the cut of the tax wedge, which will allow for up to 100 euros more to be put into the pockets of workers, and to overcoming the Citizenship Income, to help those who are really in need and allow those who are able to work to train and find a new job”.

“And then – he points out again – the many measures envisaged to support our economic and productive fabric, to defend Made in Italy and our excellence, to help our young people realize their desire to start a family”.

“We are only at the beginning – says Meloni – there is a lot to do. Starting with the justice chapter and the constitutional reform, which I consider the mother of all reforms to give greater stability, authority and speed to our institutions”.