Government, Meloni: “Left put your soul in peace”

“Disrupted attacks, we are here to revive the nation”

“The broken attacks of the left in recent days represent a real insult to the citizens who have chosen who to be represented”. The leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, writes on social media. The center-right is engaged in the formation of the new government. From the opposition, criticism of the election of the presidents of the Chamber and Senate, with the installation of Lorenzo Fontana and Ignazio La Russa.

“I understand that for these exponents it may seem at least anomalous to see parties that have the possibility of governing with the support of the Italians, (they are not used to it) but whether they like it or not, this is democracy. peace: we are here to revive our nation “, remarks the president of Fdi, who concludes:” It will be a path full of obstacles, but we will give our best. Without ever giving up “.

PD – After the question and answer between Meloni and Enrico Letta, new statements from the Democratic Party. “Meloni says he wants to unite the country and makes these two appointments, if he wanted to divide who he nominated? Within the right, the most divisive figures were chosen, those who bet on Meloni’s moderate evolution are wrong”, Andrea Orlando told In Mezz’ora in Più referring to the election of La Russa and Fontana to the presidency of the Senate and Chamber.

“The right won the elections but there was no wave of the right and Meloni is not the mistress of Italy, it is good that she realizes it, but the choices she made at the top of the institutions went into a different direction “, Peppe Provenzano, deputy secretary of the Democratic Party, told SkyTg24.

As for the criticisms of Enrico Letta yesterday, he adds: “Meloni thinks of forming a government and giving answers to citizens if he is capable of it. The legislature started in the worst possible way with choices that divided and weakened the country and also the majority”.