Government, Meloni resists pressing Berlusconi: for now Ronzulli out

The agreement for La Russa in the Senate and Molinari in the Chamber holds

“Licia is out of the game, in the end Giorgia won the tug-of-war … ” The news of Licia Ronzulli’s exclusion from the future center-right government begins to spread among the Azzurri immediately after Silvio’s interview at Villa Grande Berlusconi and Giorgia Meloni: a meeting, they say, frankly, in the course of which the leader of via della Scrofa resisted the pressing request of the Cav to grant her loyal ministry a ministry, if not first class, at least with a wallet.

Nothing to do, the president of the Brothers of Italy, as we learn, would have been adamant on this point, and at the moment, Ronzulli would be out of the CDM. The conditional is a must, because the negotiations will continue into the night and until the last moment everything is possible. To understand Meloni’s ‘no’ stop, you have to rewind the tape. In the afternoon, they say, the agreement in the center-right was considered closed to assign the presidency of the Senate to Ignazio La Russa and Riccardo Molinari, a loyalist of Matteo Salvini, that of the Chamber. Then, something would go wrong. And the Ronzulli case risks being intertwined with the vote in the courtroom for the president of the Senate, with the risk of snipers in the blue ranks.

According to the rumors gathered in the Transatlantic, in Montecitorio, Berlusconi would have returned to the office to bring Ronzulli to Palazzo Chigi, as well as Antonio Tajani (always given on pole for Foreign Affairs). Hence the need for a face to face between the blue leader and Meloni (without Matteo Salvini) for a clarification and to unblock the stalemate that had arisen. The fact is that at the end of the vis a vis, Ronzulli’s government quotations would have started to fall.

They also say that Berlusconi’s own family, starting with the eldest daughter Marina, would not have liked Ronzulli’s activism these days and Marta Fascina’s pressure in his favor on the president of Forza Italia. Among the eligible candidates, however, for a seat in the executive there would be the president of the outgoing senators, Anna Maria Bernini and Alessandro Cattaneo, head of the party departments. Forza Italia would also have found a wall on the claim of Serie A ministries such as Mise and Justice.

If Ronzulli, as it seems, were to remain out, many bet that he could trigger his counter-move: the boatos say he could run as group leader in the Senate of Fi and in this case he would meet Maurizio Gasparri and Gianfranco Miccichè, who would not have decided yet whether to go to the Senate (he was elected on 25 September last) or stay at the Ars, in Sicily. If he wins as president of the forced senators, Ronzulli could give his ally Fdi a hard time in the upper house.

In any case, the exclusion of the Italian senator, current national manager for relations with the allies, could have repercussions on relations within the coalition (so much so that snipers are feared at the time of the votes of the President of the Senate) and on the same organizational structure of Forza Italia, which, in fact, is in the hands of two currents, that of the Ronzulliani precisely and that of the parliamentarians close to Tajani. The last word, as always, will be up to Berlusconi. At night he brings advice, a big blue says half-mouthed, engaged in indefinite negotiations with Lega and Fdi on the ministerial risk, yet to be resolved.