Government, Meloni should be called “the Prime Minister”

The clarification after the communication of Palazzo Chigi to the ministers. And she: “I take care of the problems of the country. Call me what you want, Giorgia too”

Giorgia Meloni in institutional communications should be called ‘the Prime Minister’. Sources from Palazzo Chigi intervene on the debate born on social media regarding the communication sent to all ministers in which it is pointed out that for Prime Minister Meloni the words ‘the President of the Council of Ministers’ should be used, a communication from the Secretary General Carlo Deodato promptly bounced Network.

However, the Prime Minister, the Hon. Giorgia Melonithe same sources point out, asks that “the name to be used in institutional communications is the president of the Council of Ministers

“Therefore, it is requested not to take into account the note in question, as it is replaced by the present one”, reads the communication sent by Deodato.

MELONS – “I read that the main topic of discussion today would be internal bureaucratic circulars, more or less wrong, around the great theme of how to define the first woman Prime Minister. Go ahead” writes on social Giorgia Meloni, President of the Council of Ministers . “I am dealing with bills, taxes, work, certainty of the sentence, budget maneuver. As I see it, you can call me what you think, even Giorgia“.

WITH YOU – “Yessir!” tweets ironically the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte. “We would also like to know from Palazzo Chigi how he wants to support families and businesses on the carobollette, given that” the “Prime Minister in his confidence speech did not give us even a clue”.