Government, “Meloni speech will be a programmatic manifesto for the legislature”

Sources from Palazzo Chigi explain this: “Strongly political executive, it will implement the commitments made with the Italians”

“A programmatic manifesto that aims to be the working basis of an entire legislature, confirming the strongly political nature of the government and with the aim of giving concrete follow-up and implementation to the commitments undertaken with Italian citizens during the election campaign”. AND’ the trace, explain sources of Palazzo Chigi, of the speech that the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will hold tomorrow in the Chamber at Montecitorio, to ask for trust. The Prime Minister – after yesterday’s inauguration in Palazzo Chigi, the first Council of Ministers of the government and the informal meeting with the French President Emmanuel Macron – also worked today on the dossiers at the center of the political agenda and is putting point to the speech he will give in the House tomorrow.