Government, Meloni struggling with team ‘pitfalls’

Interior Ministry, Economy and ‘knot’ Ronzulli the rocks for the leader of the Brothers of Italy. The center-right summit is being prepared next week

Let me work, it goes on repeating Giorgia Meloniconcentrated on the ministerial risk and on the priorities of the agenda of his future government. Also yesterday a new day of meetings and contacts at 360 degrees in the Montecitorio offices for the leader of Fdi, who would have continued to invite her to be cautious, especially in light of the ‘leaks’ on the executive meeting of Fratelli d ‘Italy.

Disregarded by the “interference” of the French Minister for European Affairs Laurence Boone, first on social media in the morning and then in the evening leaving the Chamber, the president of the Brothers of Italy wanted to reiterate her disappointment at the words of the exponent of the transalpine government, making his own the words of Sergio Mattarella and Mario Draghi: “I think that any Italian can feel represented by the report about the fact that Italy is perfectly capable of looking after itself without interference”. The premier in pectore also confirms that the foreign policy of its executive on major issues will not change: “Fdi’s position has been extremely clear from the opposition” and “there is no reason for it to change”.

Mouths sewn, however, on the future team of Palazzo Chigi, which remains a puzzle of difficult solution, with many variables and unknowns. Starting with the ‘technician’ to be placed in the Economy and the case of the blue Licia Ronzulli, the loyalist of Silvio Berlusconi who would aim at a weighty ministry (Healthcare or Education) and not one of representation, despite the strong perplexities of Fdi. Next week will be decisive: there will be a summit between the leaders of the center right (Silvio Berlusconi is expected in Rome on October 12th evening or directly on October 13th for the inauguration of Parliament).

Times are tight and it is not excluded that the coalition summit with Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini is preceded by a new round of ‘bilateral’, not just by telephone, to arrive at a shared name grid. There would be no problem, however, for the upgrade of Antonio Tajani, who has always been on pole for Foreign Affairs, and of Anna Maria Bernini, former Minister for EU Policies. If Ronzulli were to remain out of the Cdm, Alessandro Cattaneo, current head of the Departments of Fi, could enter the game. As for the future tenant of via XX Settembreafter the no of Fabio Panetta, current member of the Executive Committee of the European Central Bank, Meloni would still be looking for a high profile figure.

The ‘borsino’ confirms the presence of a technician at the Interior, the favorite is Matteo Piantedosi, former head of Salvini’s cabinet when he was at the Viminale. The number one in Via Bellerio, according to some reconstructions of the meeting last night behind closed doors, would claim the ministry of the Family and Birth. A request that would be added to that of Justice (for Giulia Bongiorno), Agriculture and Infrastructure. The latter box, however, would hide the danger of seeing the delegation from the ports slip by, which Fdi would like to entrust to the new Ministry of the Sea, for which Adolfo Urso is in the running, also given to the Defense, should he not be assigned to a technical as the general of the army corps Luciano Portolano.

Among the Melonians, the strong name in the role of undersecretary to the Prime Minister is always that of Senator Giovanbattista Fazzolari, a loyal Meloni (who would like the delegation for the secret services, for now, to remain in his ‘availability’). Raffaele Fitto is favored for European Affairs, Daniela Santanchè for Tourism. Inside for Fdi there would also be Fabio Rampelli, who could marry the Environment, Infrastructure or Culture (but for this position we are also talking about Giordano Bruno Guerri).

For the role of Keeper of the Seals, Meloni always thinks of the former prosecutor Carlo Nordio while for the South the name of the outgoing Sicilian governor, Nello Musumeci, continues to turn and for the Department of Reforms that of the former president of the Senate, Marcello Pera. The location of Ignazio La Russa is still a mystery: he will not return to Defense for the rule wanted by Meloni that none of him will be able to play the role held in the past and the quotations as President of the Senate would be decreasing. In this case, the Fdi exponent would either go to Palazzo Chigi as undersecretary or could be the group leader at Palazzo Madama waiting for a future prestigious position.