Government, Meloni to Vox: “We are neither monsters nor unpresentable”

The Fdi leader intervenes on video at the party of the Spanish party taking place in Madrid: “Great responsibility, not a minute to lose”

“We are not monsters, people understand that.” Giorgia Meloni thus concluded his speech at the Vox party in Madrid, where he spoke in a video link speaking in Spanish. “We have resisted the lies and attempts to divide us – said the leader of Fdi, speaking of the situation of conservative movements in Europe and in the United States, from where Donald Trump intervened -. In Italy they use the alliance with Vox to define us as unpresentable. , as probably in Spain the alliance with Fdi is used to define you as unpresentable. But can political movements supported by millions of citizens really be unpresentable?

“We don’t have to be afraid of the mainstream story, because the good news is that people don’t accept an interested narrative. They want to go to news sources, without mediation. They want to understand and listen, and when they listen to us, they understand that we are anything but shows. “concluded Meloni. Finally, chanting: “Long live Vox, long live Spain, long live the Europe of the patriots”.

“The extraordinary victory of the Brothers of Italy and the center-right has produced great enthusiasm” and if, on the basis of the Constitution, “we have the opportunity to form the new government, we will have the great responsibility of giving immediate answers to the problems of the Italians”, he said. said the leader of the Brothers of Italy. “We don’t have a minute to lose,” Meloni then underlined, speaking in Spanish and listing the various challenges facing the new government.

“In the coming days we will be called to transform these ideas into concrete government policies, as our friends from the Czech Republic and Poland are already doing, as I hope our Swedish friends will soon do, as our Latvian friends will continue to do. I hope it will happen within the next year at Vox, “he added.

The new government in Italy “will not have a moment to lose – he reiterates -, starting with the serious situation in Ukraine after the Russian aggression and Putin’s unacceptable attempt to annex new regions”, explained Meloni.

According to the leader FdI, the EU must demonstrate its solidarity and set a ceiling on the price of gas to stop speculation “on the skin of citizens”, called to pay “unsustainable bills” together with companies. “On the energy front, unfortunately, we see the difficulties that the EU is facing. We continue to hope for a common and lasting solution, such as the decision to cap the price of gas against speculation on the skin of citizens and we hope that in the end the ‘Europe demonstrates that it is capable of the much announced solidarity, instead of succumbing to those who think they can do it alone, sacrificing the fate of all the others “.