Government, non-stop negotiations: Berlusconi ‘check’ in Meloni 3 deputy ministers

By October 31, the premier aims to complete the executive team

The date circled in red on the calendar is Monday 31 October: that is the ‘deadline’ by which Giorgia Meloni aims to complete the sudoku of the undersecretaries, thus completing her government team. At home Fdi, the first party of the center-right majority, it is time for the last filings. The agreement on the numbers is made, tell sources of Via della Scrofa: some boxes remain to be filled, but the knots to be solved – they explain – are still all internal to Forza Italia and Lega, not to mention the ‘hot potato’ of the centrists.

According to today’s ‘borsino’, the undersecretary to the presidency of the Council Alfredo Mantovano will have the delegation to the secret services, Giovanbattista Fazzolari – a loyalist of Giorgia – for the implementation of the government program, while the economic manager of the party, Maurizio Leo will obtain that to Finance as Giancarlo Giorgetti’s ‘deputy’ to Mef.

The former commissioner of the Chamber, Edmondo Cirielli, is favored as ‘deputy’ by the Italian foreign minister, Antonio Tajani. In the end, the derby entirely internal to Fdi on the delegation for the single network, should be resolved in favor of Alessio Butti: the current Tlc manager, it would win over Adolfo Urso, Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy. The names of Andrea Delmastro (Justice), Paola Frassinetti (Education), Marcello Gemmato (Health) and Augusta Montaruli also circulate as candidates for the post of undersecretary.

The Carroccio is also grappling with its ‘desired’ list. From Vannia Gava candidate for the Environment and Energy Security, as Deputy Minister, to Matteo Salvini’s team of loyalists in economic departments. This is how the puzzle of the deputy ministers (2) and undersecretaries (7 or 8) of the League who will complete the government structure is composed.

Here are the names in the pipeline: Claudio Durigon probable undersecretary for work; Federico Freni to Economics, and it would be a confirmation after the experience with the premieri Draghi; Edoardo Rixi Deputy of Salvini himself for Infrastructures, Lucia Borgonzoni Undersecretary for Culture and Andrea Ostellari for Justice. Giuseppina Castiello could find a place with Minister Nello Musumeci at the ministry for the South and sea policies.

The name of Nicola Molteni remains in question for the Interior Ministry, also Lombard – like all the ministers of the party – which for this reason risks being left out, for a principle of ‘geographical’ rebalancing desired by Salvini. Armando Siri, head of the party’s departments, flat tax theorist, who was not elected on 25 September will also find a place in the government team.

Net of the tug-of-war between hawks and governors, this time Silvio Berlusconi would have been able to place above all his loyalists on the list of forceist undersecretaries, winning Giorgia Meloni no longer two, but three deputy ministers: Francesco Sisto at Justice, Valentino Valentini at Mise and Paolo Barelli at the Viminale. According to the latest boatos in the last few hours Arcore would have asked for 9 boxes, one more than the initial 8, and then ‘return’ to 8 but with an extra ‘vice’.

According to the latest boatos, Alberto Barachini (on pole for Publishing) Matteo Perego (given to Defense) and Giuseppe Mangialavori are also ‘armored’. Inside there would also be Ugo Cappellacci and Matilde Siracusano, currently the only woman in the running. Scrolling through the list of blue candidates (not yet final), with the exception of Mangialavori considered close to Licia Ronzulli and the outgoing group leader in the Barelli Chamber, a man of Antonio Tajani, they are all Berlusconians of the first hour: some belonging to the so-called old guard, excluded from the Parliament in search of ‘compensation’, others close to the Cavaliere family or who have made the history of Fi, such as Sisto (one of his lawyers, current head of justice), Valentini (foreign policy advisor at the time of Palazzo Chigi, especially for relations with Moscow) and Cappellacci, the man of the former prime minister in Sardinia.

To satisfy the southern wing, on a war footing because under represented at Palazzo Chigi, Berlusconi, they say, would have thought of four parliamentarians: the Apulian Sisto, the Calabrian Mangialavori, the ex Sardinian governor Cappellacci and the Sicilian Syracusan.