Government, Noto pollster: “Meloni does not miss a beat, + 2% from abstainers, but we are at the entrance to the field ‘

“The first half result will depend on the first 100 days: which government team? What about bills?”

A few weeks after the vote, the fluctuations in the approval of the parties are “decimal” with one exception: Fratelli d’Italia which recorded “a significant increase: a net plus 2%, settling at 28%”. A growth due not to a transition of votes from other parties but to an assumption of votes from the pool of abstentions: “To the fact that a part of the electorate that did not go to the polls, today would vote Brothers of Italy”. So to the Adnkronos the pollster Antonio Noto who affirms: “Fdi, in particular Meloni, is making inroads on the abstentionists; it is in fact the party that gains consensus to a greater extent. Meloni’s way of doing is liked, it is credible, therefore it brings consensus. But we are still at the tiles “.

Among Meloni’s goals, the intervention on the notes of Silvio Berlusconi, in which the leader of Fi would have defined her as ‘opinionated, arrogant, arrogant and offensive’. Meloni earned points “by claiming not to be blackmailed: even if its reputation comes from a chain of actions it has implemented. It was much appreciated by the voters that Ronzulli stood up to Berlusconi; that he keeps the bar straight by betting on a government of competent. Now it is as if he hadn’t missed a shot, but to use a football example we are still warming up. ”

“Then it will depend on the government team, if they keep the commitment made with Italians. We are at the entrance to the field, then there will be the game to play. In the first 100 days, that is, in the first half, what will they be able to do on bills and inflation? What immediate benefit will it be able to give to Italians? Because the issue of bills – concludes Noto – is the strongest now, the tax issue also beats consensus “.