Government, Pd organizes the opposition: secretariat convened Thursday

Tomorrow Letta’s speech in the Chamber for the vote of confidence in the Meloni government

Enrico Letta will tomorrow make the declaration of vote on behalf of the Democratic Party during the vote of confidence in the Meloni government in the House. The parliamentary passage will sanction the ‘concrete’ start of the legislature e the dem are organizing the work of the opposition. This will be one of the themes of the secretariat convened for Thursday by Letta.

The scheme is to entrust the party’s sector leaders with the task of monitoring the government’s action. “Immediately put on the dress of the opposition” was Letta’s indication in the first meetings with the dem parliamentarians and now it is a question of concretely organizing the work in the Chambers and in the committees when they are formed.

In the secretariat on Thursday we will also talk about the congress, a topic on the agenda also of the Management on Friday. “There are two parallel tracks that of the organization of the opposition and that of the congress. Letta – explains the Nazarene – will articulate the individual phases in detail, reiterating suitable times: neither sudden accelerations nor dispersive delays. “The horizon therefore remains that of the end of winter with the congress ending by March.