Government, Prime Minister Meloni’s ‘expenses’ for travel: around 160 thousand euros in November

In total 4 ‘transfers’, 3 abroad and 1 in Italy with 134 people in tow: 78 thousand euros paid for hotels and meals

About 160 thousand euros. To be exact, 158 thousand 672.57 euros. This is the amount of expenditure for Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s ‘institutional movements’ in the first month of the life of her government, which officially took office on 21 October last. These are four ‘transfers’, three abroad and one in Italy, with 134 people in tow, all relating to November, as documented on the executive website.

Papers in hand, the prime minister, the political authority in technical jargon, has only made a ‘service trip’, bringing twenty-two people with him, twenty as an internal delegation to the prime minister and two ‘external’, for a cost total of 2 thousand 450.22 euros, of which 496.76 euros in ‘transfers’ and 953.46 euros in ‘overnight stays and meals’. For the three ‘missions abroad’ -Brussels for the first official visit outside Italy, Sharm el Sheikh for Cop27 and finally Bali, Indonesia, for the G20- just over 156 thousand euros were disbursed, a sum divided as follows : 78 thousand 674.22 euros spent on air trains and service cars and 77 thousand 548.13 euros on hotels, lunches and dinners. On these occasions, the leader of the Brothers of Italy was accompanied by a maxi delegation, which reached a total of 112 units: 100 ‘internal’ and 12 ‘external’ (the members involved in the individual missions are not specified).

The item ‘transfers’, as specified in the section ‘Missions and service trips Political Authority’ published online, includes the ‘total cost incurred for the transfers of delegations’ and, in particular, for ‘trains and scheduled planes are the costs of the travel document are considered, while the fuel consumption is estimated for service cars’.