Government, probable CDM tomorrow at 15

To what Adnkronos learns

According to Adnkronos, a CDM should take place tomorrow at 3 pm This week, in reality, there should be a double Council of Ministers. After the days off the government waiting for the white smoke on the Quirinale, Mario Draghi gets into gear. The premier will in fact summon the ministers to Palazzo Chigi as early as tomorrow, for a CDM on some measures that are about to expire.

During the week, probably Thursday, a new CDM should be convened to evaluate the measures – in which the technicians of the Ministry of Health are working – on the extension of the validity of the green pass issued to vaccinated people with three doses. The prevailing hypothesis is that of a vaccination certificate without limits for the so-called ‘boosterized’, waiting to understand what will be decided by the regulatory authorities on the fourth dose.

The government could also consider standardizing the anti-Covid rules for primary and secondary schools, as well as eliminating the mandatory requirement for outdoor masks if the contagion curve continues to decline. But these changes should be regulated by an ad hoc circular from the Ministry of Health.