Government, Proger survey for Rgr: 46% have confidence in Meloni

The Fratelli d’Italia confirms itself as the first party with 29.8% of the preferences

Giorgia Meloni’s government retains the trust of voters. According to the latest survey by Proger IndexResearch for Radio Giornale Radio, the centre-right coalition increases the base of potential voters overall with Fratelli d’Italia continuing to grow, confirming itself as the first party. However, the potential electorate of the centre-left is decreasing, albeit slightly, with the most significant decrease recorded by the 5 Star Movement.

If we voted today

“In the new survey conducted by Proger IndexResearch for Radio Giornale Radio, on the voting intentions of Italians, Fratelli d’Italia continues to consolidate its strong position, obtaining 29.8% with an increase of 0.2 percentage points compared to poll of October 20. The Democratic Party stood at 19.5%, a slight decrease of 0.1%, while the 5 Star Movement recorded a decrease of 0.3%, reaching 16.7%. at 10%, with a slight decrease of 0.1%, while Forza Italia gains 0.1%, reaching 6.1%. Azione stands at 4.2%, with an increase of 0.1%”, we read in a press release.

“Overall, the center-right continues to strengthen its position, reaching 46.7% of voting intentions, with an increase of 0.2 percentage points compared to the previous survey. On the other hand, the center-left records a slight decline, dropping to 25.9%. 40.1% of those interviewed declared themselves undecided or inclined not to vote. 46% of those interviewed had confidence in the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, a percentage which dropped to 36% when testing confidence in the Government (+1 % compared to previous survey)”.

The weight of the Giambruno case

“The results of the survey are discussed in detail during the ‘Spin Doctor’ program hosted by Luigi Crespi, broadcast on Saturday 28 October on Radio Giornale Radio, the radio free to inform. “Much ado about nothing on the Giambruno affair – commented Luigi Crespi – No one on the left will vote for Meloni for the post with which she announced the end of her relationship, just as no one on the right will stop voting for her. The intensity and conviction with which the voters who chose her continue to choose her are increasing: This cannot be the topic that shifts opinion, as it seemed in the polls of other institutes”.