“Government propose expulsion of terrorists to France”, motion by the Brothers of Italy

After the no of the French Cassation to extradition

Parliament commits the government “to provide all the necessary and due legal assistance to the relatives of the victims of the crimes committed by the ten Italian terrorists who took refuge in France, in their already announced intention to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg against the decision of the French Court of Cassation”. This is what we read in the motion – seen by Adnkronos – that Fratelli d’Italia deposited today in the Chamber. “Without prejudice to the intention not to interfere in internal matters”, Fdi also commits the executive “to propose to France the possibility of resorting to the expulsion of the ten Italian terrorists, as people not liked by the French authorities”.

The motion of Giorgia Meloni’s party comes after the sentence with which on 28 March the French Court of Cassation definitively rejected the request, dating back to 20 January 2020, of the Italian government for the extradition of ten militants of the armed struggle who took refuge in France and arrested in April 2021. The signatories of the Fdi motion (first among these the group leader Tommaso Foti) underline how the current French government has already recognized Italy’s right “to demand the application of the sentences imposed in our country against the ten terrorists now refugees in France” and recall that appeals to the Strasbourg Court cannot be presented by government authorities, but “by any natural person, non-governmental organization or private group who claims to be the victim of a violation of the rights recognized in the Convention or in its protocols”.

The 10 terrorists for whom the French Supreme Court has denied extradition are Roberta Cappelli, Marina Petrella, Giorgio Pietrostefani, Enzo Calvitti, Narciso Manenti, Giovanni Alimonti, Sergio Tornaghi, Maurizio Di Marzio, Raffaele Ventura and Luigi Bergamin.