Government, Ravera: ‘Meloni is a step behind women, not men’

The writer: “Serracchiani wonders why the soft machismo, cloaked in the beautiful words of his party, has always clipped the wings of women”.

“Giorgia Meloni is not one step behind men, she is one step behind women. She has no sisters, no mothers, she has no partners, she has never been a feminist, she does not bring a different voice into politics, a different look, a more attention authentic to the discrimination to which the gender to which it belongs is still subject, it has not composed a government of new faces, it has stuffed it with old politicians, fishing above all among the men of its party, and satisfying the allies just enough “. This is what the writer Lidia Ravera told Adnkronos, commenting on the question and answer yesterday in Parliament between Giorgia Meloni and the exponent of the Democratic Party Debora Serracchiani.

And he added: “Giorgia Meloni has granted the minimum in terms of female presence among the ministers. She has made the ministry of Equal Opportunities a subgroup of the ministry of regular families with offspring, weakening it. As for Serracchiani – continued Lidia Ravera – ask yourself because the soft machismo, cloaked in beautiful words of his party, has always clipped the wings of women “.