Government, Renzi: “Meloni premier only thanks to Letta”

“Letta allowed this 25% of the Brothers of Italy to be an absolute majority”

“Everything we are seeing and will see. Starting with Giorgia Meloni as premier, it was only possible thanks to Enrico Letta. Letta allowed this 25% of the Brothers of Italy to be an absolute majority”. These are the words of Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, during the presentation of the book by Claudio Cerasa ‘The chains of the right’.

“The positions of Meloni in the government will be totally the opposite of the positions of Meloni in the opposition. I believe they have no alternative – adds Renzi – because if they had to choose, for example, to destroy everything that has to do with the Pnrr would saw the branch they are sitting on. ”

For the leader of Italia Viva “it will be fun to see how Meloni will govern, who won in the name of ‘consistency’, but her consistency has never seen how to counteract a consistency of political positions. She who, as it is written in the book of Cerasa, said he was in favor of the controlled dissolution of the euro zone, said ‘I prefer Putin to Italian politicians’, called for the impeachment of Sergio Mattarella “, explains Renzi.

In particular, underlines the leader of Italia Viva, “Giorgia Meloni will have to decide what kind of approach to give to her European policy”. In the next 12 months “we could therefore see a right like the one that won the elections, or a right that will rule as an old-fashioned conservative. I bet on the latter.”