Government, Renzi: “Most of us? We don’t go with Meloni”

On the center-right and the formation of the executive: “The call of power will end in tarallucci and wine, too strong”

“I categorically exclude it. With Meloni in the government we do not go there and we do not vote for confidence.” So Matteo Renzi at SkyTg24 Live in on the possibility that the Third Pole can enter the majority.

As for the center-right and the formation of the government: It’s all a joke, they’ll make a deal“.” It’s all a party game – added the leader of Italia Viva – In three days they will have a lunch and next week we will have a government. The rest is chatter. But I would have appreciated if Meloni had said the same thing yesterday when she was 15 years old when she was Berlusconi’s minister “.

“I’m sorry to see Berlusconi forced by Miccichè and company to make a fool of himself, but that’s their business,” he later said.

As for La Russa’s vote in the Senate, he reiterated: “We absolutely don’t”. “The point is not who voted for La Russa, the point is who did not vote”, he said then.

In any case, “they have won, we see that they are capable of doing it, I don’t think they are. They have won but they are not a majority in the country, they are a majority in Parliament thanks to Letta’s strategy of not making agreements and going alone”.