Government, Salvini: “Bridge over the Strait costs more not to do it than to do it”

“Starting the construction site of the bridge is one of my objectives, it would create 100 thousand jobs. We will go back to enforcing laws and borders. Ministry of the Sea? It doesn’t take away the ports from me”

“Starting the construction of the bridge over the Strait is one of my goals. Now it costs more not to do it than to do it, as it was for the Tav. “Thus the new Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini, guest of ‘Porta a Porta’. The Messina bridge, “they told me, would create 100,000 jobs”. Then the promise: “We will return to enforce laws and borders”. “Absolutely not”, therefore, the reply to those who ask him if the new Ministry of the Sea will take away from the Infrastructures the competence on the ports.

“We started right away and this interested me well. Settled in record time”, only “some fibrillations at the beginning, but the idea of ​​a country is clear. The situation in the country is complicated, we have a government chosen by the Italians but trust the words on the new executive are not unlimited. “The center-right – he explains – will have a single candidate for the regional in Lombardy, Lazio, Friuli, Molise”. Within the week, he continues, “we will have the full government team, with deputy ministers and undersecretaries “

For Salvini, who returns to the government program, “first of all we must block Fornero, we promised it to the Italians. The goal of the legislature is 41”, “in this budget law – he reiterates – we are working on three things: start of quota 41, extension of the Flat tax, scrapping of tax bills. I think that these three things could happen while “today I asked the economists of the Lega to combine a large fiscal peace operation to be reinvested in aid to businesses and families that fail to pay the bills “.

“We will ask for a moratorium on mortgages and for the disconnection of utilities” in case of delay in paying bills, he remarks.

And on the situation in Lombardy, “for me Fontana was an excellent governor and a team that wins you do not change … As far as I’m concerned he will have to continue to be president of Lombardy. And Moratti will never be a problem but he is and remains an asset . I’ll talk to you in the week. ” On the Milan and Cortina Games, he continues, “the 2026 Olympics will bring millions of tourists and billions of euros into our coffers. With the Giallorossi government we lost two years. Moratti’s profile would be a guarantee”.