Government, Salvini: “Draghi has worked well, he must go on”

“If you move a square of this executive of tomorrow there is no certainty”

If you remove the most important box of this government, there is no certainty of tomorrow“. The secretary of the League said, Matteo Salvini, in a statement in which he repeated several times that of the Quirinale match “we’ll talk about it again in January” and that “there is more than a month to think about it”. “Do not let me comment on the hypotheses made by journalists, which Giorgetti has already denied”, added Salvini, answering a question about the possibility that the League could focus on the current Minister of Economic Development. “For me – concluded Salvini, referring again to the Quirinale match – there is no lack of good ideas”.

“I believe that a government that has worked well, led by an authoritative personality like Draghi, must be able to move forward. You are counting on continuing to work with this team for the good of the country.”

“The center-right is and will be compact on the maneuver, as on the administrative elections or the Quirinale“. The secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, said in a statement in which he repeated several times that” we will talk about it again in January “and that” there is more than a month to think about it “.

“Today the country needs to a government totally focused on tax cuts And on the national emergency which is the cost of electricity and gas. I expect to have a very short meeting with President Draghi, not to talk about the Quirinale, but about the cost of electricity and gas bills “.

This government must go forward as it is with Draghi premier? “Absolutely yes”. “The country is going through difficult months, as it has been happening for months, I am talking about the cost of raw materials, energy, the third wave of the virus, the third dose. Every unknown factor is a risk, stability is an added value, especially in difficult times like these “.


“Nothing is known yet, I do not comment on the hypotheses. The Italians have had great patience and shown enormous respect for the rules and a sense of responsibility. Insisting on 50 million vaccinated people, imposing mandatory tampons for everyday life would be a contradiction“Salvini said, suspending the judgment on the rumors circulating regarding the restrictive measures that the control room could adopt tomorrow on the prevention of contagion in view of the Christmas holidays.

“I think that Italians’ patience must be rewarded and not punished. The limit beyond which we will never go is the vaccination obligation for children aged 5 to 10. It is up to fathers and mothers to decide. . If one has to go to the cinema and spend 20 euros to swab it doesn’t seem like a smart thing to me. They told us the third dose puts you on the safe side“concluded Salvini.