Government, Salvini: “There are no disappointments or quarrels, together for 5 years + 5”

The deputy prime minister: “Very happy with what we were able to give in three months. Autonomy now everyone’s battle”

“I tell the journalists who try to make us fight every day: put your soul at peace, we have been there for 3 months and we will stay there to work well and together 5 years plus 5 years. There are no disappointments or quarrels”. So the deputy premier and minister of infrastructures, Matteo Salvini, at a Lega event at the Monza racetrack.

I get along very well with Giorgia Meloni – clarifies the deputy prime minister -. I’m working great in Cdm. I’m delighted with what we’ve been able to deliver in three months.”

Then back to the workhorse of the League: “Autonomy, thanks to the stubbornness of the League, it is not just a battle of Lombardy and Veneto. I also talk to the kids from Abruzzo, Puglia and Tuscany and they want to defend their municipalities and their provinces “, she articulates.

And raises on Provinces. “Among other thousand nonsense, Renzi has canceled the provinces, saying that we would have saved money. We have not saved a single euro and there are roads and schools without maintenance. The goal of the League is to go back to introducing provinces elected directly by the citizensgiving money, skills, powers and responsibilities”.

As for regional in Lombardy“I respect my adversaries, Majorino and Moratti. I respect them and I’m not asking for a vote for the League because they are ugly and bad, but because we govern this region well and we want to govern it for the next 30 years. I’m zero interested in Majorino and Moratti”.

Then, addressing the youth of the League, he admonished: “You always have to play to win but you have to be ready to lose. In life sometimes you win sometimes you lose. You have to know how to win, never overwhelm. Arrogance is a mortal sin. When you win – underlines the minister – manage your victory without disrespecting the loser”. Hence the invitation “to carry out this electoral campaign not based on what others are doing”.

“Are they attacking us? Yes, and it’s a good sign,” he says. “The day Corriere or Repubblica say ‘how good Salvini is’, start to be wary because it means I did something wrong. We are making a mistake by just existing,” she concluded.