Government, Salvini to Meloni: “No competition, trust and common battles”

On Qatargate “someone is a scourge of other people’s public customs and then has a problem as big as a house in their own house”

“Was there competition in the electoral campaign? Yes. Is there competition in government? Nocompetition leaves room for determination ea a beautiful relationship of trust and common battles“, says the Deputy Prime Minister and Infrastructure Minister Matteo Salvini, connecting with Giorgia Meloni for the Brothers of Italy party.

Meloni has the honor of governing and “will be prime minister for a long time,” said Lega leader Matteo Salvini. “We have a common destiny, they try to divide us and make us quarrel but they can’t do it,” added the infrastructure minister, addressing the prime minister.

GOVERNMENT – Matteo Salvini says he is “proud” of what the government has done in its first 56 days. In Europe “Meloni has done more than a few chatty phenomena in 56 days”, remarks the Northern League leader, connecting via video with the FdI party. “We have been here for 56 days and they ask us to account” for the things they haven’t done, “there are strange people on the left…”, continued the owner of Infrastructures, adding: “I hope to unblock those dozens of construction sites that the left for years has failed to unlock”.

QATARGATE – “Someone is a scourge of other people’s public customs and then has a problem as big as a house in their own house. When they talk about the ceiling on cash, there was someone who was very expert in cash…”, says the leader of the League and deputy premier in reference to the Qatargate scandal.

REGIONAL LAZIO AND LOMBARDY – “The first gifts I would like under the tree are two victories, at the Lazio and Lombardy regionals. Giorgia and I are convinced and determined about this. We will have teams up to par”. “Majorino and Moratti spend their time insulting, I ask the militants: let’s not waste even 30 seconds with anger, time and jealousy, life is too good to get pissed off”.

EUROPE – “In Europe we won’t have many friends, we have seen it in these hours with some initiatives of the ECB…”, said Matteo Salvini again via video link.