Government, the dem Boccia on Sky TG24 Live in Naples: “The Right never wanted Pnrr”. VIDEO

The new procurement code, the projects of the Pnrr and the unity of the opposition in Parliament: these are the topics touched upon by the exponents of the opposition. The dem Francesco Boccia, the pentastellato Sergio Costa and Raffaella Paita of the Third Polo intervene

In this space it’s up to the oppositions. Some representatives of the various parties were guests: the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate Francesco Boccia, the vice president of the Chamber of the M5s Sergio Costa and the leader of the Third Pole in the Senate Raffaella Paita. On Sky Tg24 Live In Naples the discussion opens on the new and controversial procurement code. The management of tenders worries Costa, according to whom “we need to simplify, because we have too long lead times for public tenders, but it is also true that Anac tells us that 98% of tenders, with this hypothesis as a rule, everything would go into a sort of direct or semi-direct custody. This worries us”. And he adds: “Simplification yes, but be careful, because public protection rules are needed”. third time because those who don’t win appeal. From the government they try to tell that everything is speeded up but with less transparency and with parameters that are modified”. In terms of simplification, the leader of the Third Pole in the Senate is of the opposite opinion, which contests “the code Salvini because it simplifies too little, not because it simplifies too much. This code – explains Raffaella Paita – contains 229 articles, it shows that it is not a simplification. It was enough to apply the Community directives. The works are too slow because there is a very long time on authorisations, this is where we need to intervene “. (LIVE IN NAPLES. THE SPECIAL – LIVE UPDATES)

Pnrr, Boccia: “The Right never wanted it”

Regarding the Pnrr, the dem Francesco Boccia claims that the right never wanted it: “They voted against it when it was obtained by the Giallorossi government led by Conte. Now 60% of the projects are implemented by local authorities. If Minister Fitto changes the goals, he does damage and creates programming problems for the administrations ”. For the pentastellato Costa it was the Conte and Conte II governments that brought the money to Italy, then Draghi defined the plans, now “whoever has to implement the Pnrr is the current Meloni government”. And he concludes: “But if you change the rules along the way, it is clear that the Pnrr is at risk. It will never happen again and here is our concern. We are on the side of the mayors that the government must help ”. For Raffaella Paita of the Third Pole, the government noticed the delays on the Pnrr after 6 months. “Why – he says – Meloni intervened on the subject of any changes or checks with respect to the fact that the procedures of the Pnrr have been lengthened after 5-6 months? It is incredible. If there was really concern about the delays, he should have acted more promptly. If it takes 5 months to understand a dossier, that’s a problem”. And he concluded: “On the Pnrr we are worried about the delays and the first negative element with respect to the Pnrr was the fact that the Draghi government was brought down. Those forces that have an enormous responsibility must be remembered in the face of public opinion: Lega, Forza Italia, Movimento 5 Stelle”.

Costa: oppositions speak of “concrete facts”

The oppositions are not particularly united in Parliament. But can the new Elly Schlein-branded Pd be closer to the horizons of the M5s? “Let’s start from the things that unite us – says Costa -: the protection of fragility, school and public health, building together a vision for people who can’t take it anymore. Schlein carries these things forward and it must be recognized” . “The more united the opposition is, the better it does for the country’s democracy”, adds the pentastellato exponent who invites his colleagues to “talk about concrete facts. If we put together the things that unite us, having different identities, we will always have something that divides us”. Dem Boccia agrees on the need to join forces in Parliament and oppose in a concrete and effective way. “Today – he explains – Italy is led by a right-wing government that risks putting us on the margins of Europe. Elly Schlein’s Democratic Party is a left-wing and pro-European party. I think that both M5S and the Third Pole have the goal of creating an alternative to Meloni’s right and that on some issues we cannot fail to join forces by describing a different Italy. We will do so in the provisions in Parliament, in the meantime let’s join forces there and then time will tell if we will be able to join forces also for policies”. “If there are projects that need to be changed, let’s discuss them and change them”, replies Paita.