Government, ‘the’ or ‘the’ president? Melons: “I’m Giorgia”

Controversy and ironies on the circular to the ministers, then the premier’s stop: “Call me as you like, I deal with country problems”

Call me ‘Mr. Prime Minister’. No, better without ‘Signor’, as long as there is ‘the’. In fact, call me whatever you want, even simply Giorgia. The choice of masculine by Giorgia Meloni, the first woman at Palazzo Chigi, is taking center stage. The political debate ignites and bounces on social networks when the news of an internal circular is spread, signed by the secretary general of the Prime Minister, Carlo Deodato, and sent to all the ministers of the new center-right government to invite them to use the name ‘ the President of the Council ‘. The text reads: ” For appropriate information, we inform you that the title to be used for the President of the Council of Ministers is: ‘The President of the Council of Ministers, Hon. Giorgia Meloni’ ‘.

The first (and only leader) to comment on this ‘official directive’ is the president of M5S, Giuseppe Conte, who uses irony via Twitter: ” Yes, sir! We would also like to know from Palazzo Chigi how he wants to support families and businesses on the carobollette, since ” the ” Prime Minister in his confidence speech did not give us even a clue … “. In reality, before Conte, perhaps involuntarily , it was Silvio Berlusconi who got the ‘title’ wrong, addressing the president of Fdi initially with a ” Mr Prime Minister ”, then changed towards the end in ‘Signora’.

On the occasion of the vote of confidence in the government in the Senate chamber, two days ago, in fact, the Cav had guaranteed its loyalty and full support to the ally as follows: “ Madam Prime Minister, Forza Italia will work alongside you with commitment and loyalty, to carry out the program on which we have had the confidence of the Italians … “.

In the evening, to put an end to the controversies considered excessive and out of place with respect to the urgencies of the country, a double clarification arrives: first that of Palazzo Chigi with an official note (” Use the formula ‘The Prime Minister’ ‘, without’ ‘ Mr. ”), then the one by the mouth of the premier herself with a post on social media shortly after 20: ” I read that the main topic of discussion today would be internal bureaucratic circulars, more or less wrong, around the great theme of how define the first female Prime Minister. Go ahead. I am dealing with bills, taxes, work, certainty of punishment, budgetary maneuvers. As I see it, you can call me as you think, even Giorgia “.

For the record, already in the notes sent by his staff to the press immediately after receiving the post from the head of state, Meloni was called “the prime minister”. A grammatical choice confirmed even today, but which until now had not yet appeared in an official circular.