Government, towards the elections: the special programming of SkyTG24 from 29 August

New formats and technology to accompany Italians to the vote. Collaboration with Quorum / YouTrend and Will for the last month of the election campaign. The all news channel at the forefront to host comparisons. De Bellis: “Sky TG24 is the home of confrontation. And we live it as a service to citizens and a guide to voters, for a more informed vote. We are interested in ideas, programs and recipes for the country’s problems. We will do everything we can because Italians can have as complete a picture as possible “

Sky TG24 reiterates its willingness to host a debate with several voices between the leaders of the main camps. The newspaper directed by Giuseppe De Bellis had already invited them to debate in front of their cameras on the most relevant issues for the country, obtaining – as announced on 22 July last – the support of almost all the leaders, in a different political framework. from the present. (POLITICAL ELECTIONS. THE SPECIAL – LIVE UPDATES)

A service to citizens

“Sky TG24 is at the forefront to organize the confrontation between the leaders of the political camps in view of the upcoming elections on 25 September. A month ago, the day after the choice of the date of the vote, SkyTG24 invited all the leaders to confront each other, obtaining numerous adhesions – said De Bellis in an editorial broadcast in the main editions of the news and published on the website of the newspaper – Then we following the evolution of the political framework, the alliances, the formation of the lists and we continued to work with the staff of the parties to find methods and dates for comparison. Today, a month later, we confirm the will and our commitment to organize one or more cross-discussions. We want to offer the public, the Italians, the opportunity to choose by being as informed as possible. We are interested in programs, ideas, recipes for the country. We are interested in different points of view on the most relevant issues of the moment and the future. We will use all our energy and our technological flexibility to make this happen and thus offer a service to Italians, on the occasion of such a delicate appointment. Sky TG24 – he recalled – has always supported the usefulness of direct debate between the leaders on TV and their importance as a fundamental moment for a more aware participation in the democratic life of the country by public opinion. For over 10 years, in fact, we have been the house of independent, transparent and super partes confrontation, with clear, shared and guarantee rules, as also happened in the last administrative elections in which it hosted the debates between the mayoral candidates of the main cities, as well as in December 2020 the last confrontation between political leaders with shared rules, same speaking time and right of reply, during ‘Sky TG24 Live In Courmayeur’. Today, in addition to availability and commitment, we also reiterate the need to host the different ideas in comparison. As a guide to voters, as a service to citizens ”.

TV and digital formats

With this goal in mind, in view of the 2022 Political Elections, the all news channel, starting from 29 August, puts in place a special program, also with a new immersive study enriched by augmented reality. There are numerous TV and digital formats dedicated to follow the electoral campaign in detail, focusing exclusively on the contents, proposals and ideas of the parties for the future of the country, in order to inform and document spectators, favoring a choice as aware as possible in the urns.


From Monday 29 August the special programming of Sky Tg24 will begin in view of the vote. A very long marathon leading up to 25 September that will involve the entire schedule of the all news channel and all its journalists, starting with the political editorial staff constantly committed to ensuring all updates, reading and interpretation of the evolution of the political framework. The daily and weekly programming, including news and insights, will focus on the electoral appointment. To this are added ad hoc programs and formats.


Curated and conducted by Alessandro Marenzi, – broadcast at 6.30 pm from Monday to Friday – it is a data driven daily program that aims to use numbers as a compass for services and insights. And above all to stimulate the debate on the main themes of the campaign. The data of the polls and their potential consequences will be analyzed, as well as through the numbers the programs of the parties and the alignments will be analyzed, with a transparent and objective approach and helping the public to be more informed and to orient themselves between objective data and electoral propaganda.

Italy house

Curated and conducted by Fabio Vitale is the appointment broadcast from Monday to Friday at 20.30, which hosts the protagonists of the election campaign, commentators, analysts every day, and explores the issues of the day and the moment.

The interview with Maria Latella

The format curated and conducted by Maria Latella is back for the next elections with four interviews, one a week until 25 September.

What’s Next & What young people ask for

Will intensifies: the co-production What’s Next will continue in an electoral version, in which Silvia Boccardi will explore some aspects of the vote linked to the needs and expectations of the new generations. Alessandro Tommasi, on the other hand, will intervene in the in-depth spaces of SkyTg24 bringing to the attention of the debate themes, ideas, needs, doubts and requests of the Will community that gathers millions of Italians between 18 and 34 years old.


At the center of the inquiries are some themes identified by the editorial staff of Sky TG24 which will be submitted to the candidates every time there will be the opportunity to host them with the aim of having an agenda even outside the very current daily affairs.



It is the daily podcast with which Sky TG24 opens the editorial office to viewers, meeting the needs of those who, returning from work, want to be updated on what happened during the day. Made by Roberto Inciocchi, it is available on all major platforms every day, from Monday to Friday, starting at 6.30pm. An ideal window on the editorial staff with cameras on to share the news, the atmosphere and the spirit with which they are selected and commented on before arriving on video.

Find the college

It allows readers, by entering an address or a municipality, to know the constituency in which the vote is taken and the names of the candidates, both uninominal and proportional, with a facsimile of the ballot paper. The tool shows the colleges of both the House and the Senate on a map.

Find party

It is a VAA (Voting Advice Application) designed to discover one’s political position and to visualize the closest and most distant parties. The final result can be enriched with information such as positioning on some thematic axes such as economy; Europe; rights; or the proximity to political clusters (eg. sovereigns; globalists; moderates, etc). The calculations are by Quorum / YouTrend.

Seat meter

It is a tool that allows readers to visualize, through the electoral algorithms of YouTrend, how the national percentage data of the parties could translate into seats in the House and Senate based on the current electoral system. The tool also allows, once the chambers of the Chamber and Senate have been formed, to break up and recompose the coalitions, to understand how a government majority could be formed.

Interactive map

It is a digital map – which updates in real time – to show the results of the vote by Region, single-member constituency, Province and Municipality

Quorum / YouTrend surveys

The collaboration of Lorenzo Pregliasco’s opinion research institute with Sky TG24 also continues during the electoral campaign on the voting intentions and priorities of Italians, up to 25 September with the elaboration of the exit polls.

The faces of Sky TG24

The team of faces and journalists of Sky TG24 who will tell the electoral campaign and the approach to the vote will be joined by some commentators and analysts including Ferruccio De Bortoli, Alessandro Giuli, Lina Palmerini and Agnese Pini who will propose their reflections and analyzes as a starting point for debate

Channels, online and social site

In addition to Sky channels 100 and 500 and digital terrestrial channel 50, the all news channel is also streaming on the website. The debate around the themes of the electoral campaign will also extend to the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels of Sky TG24where it will be possible to follow and comment in real time.