Government, Urso: “We will not make budget differences”

“One of the first acts of the executive will be to regulate the rule on extra profits”

“We will not make budgetary shifts, certainly not for these initiatives, which in any case are cyclical”. She affirmed it Adolfo UrsoMinister for Enterprises and Made in Italy, at ‘Agorà’ on Raitre.

“One of the first acts of the new government will be to better regulate the rule on extra profits for which the State thought it could make 10 billion while it made 1; we will do it better because those resources can be used to help families and companies “grappling with the energy crisis, added the minister, speaking at the ‘Salone della Giustizia’.

The rule on extra-profits is “a conjunctural and emergency measure pending Europe’s implementation of more structural measures” on which however “we are still at the level of intentions, and what has been said is already important given that it has de facto produced “the reduction in the price of gas, however the measures” must be implemented “.

In fact, the problems must be solved, Urso emphasizes: “We must make Italy the energy hub of Europe through other gas pipelines such as the one that should be able to be built in the seas overlooking Israel, Egypt and Cyprus, among other things with wells that are Eni, but also with the construction of not only floating emergency but stable regasifiers, already planned but never built “. We must then think about “new drilling in the central Adriatic Sea”.

The Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy changes its name with respect to the Ministry of Economic Development because “the mission changes, because we want to put the company at the center of the action and not the context in which it operates, therefore people, traders, artisans and businesses and those who collaborate with them “, explained the new minister. “For the made in Italy this highlight is due – he explains – to the fact that we are aware that in the world the Italian product is recognized as a product of excellence, which exists globally and is appreciated and known both in the West and in the East” .