Gramellini arrives at La7 with ‘In altre parole’, “here I feel at home”

To enrich the story of ‘In altre parole’ many guests from the world of culture, entertainment and politics

Massimo Gramellini arrives on La7 with ‘In other words’, his new program which will start on Saturday in prime time and which was presented today at House of Cinema of Rome In presence of Roberto Vecchioni who in each episode will comment, together with Gramellini, on the main news of the week. The comedian is also in the room Saverio Raimondothe art critic Jacopo Veneziani.e. the new entry, the journalist Alessandra Sardonihistorical face of TgLa7 e Cecilia Sala who will be ”the narrator of stories from abroad”, she explained during the press conference.

In every event there is space for the biting satire of Saverio Raimondo and the journalists Sardoni and Sala, ready to talk about current events from new perspectives. Veneziani, in his new column, will leave the studio to show hidden and mysterious places, while Laura Bonasera will travel around Italy to tell everyday, but at the same time emblematic, stories of our society.

To enrich the story of ‘In altre parole’, many guests from the world of culture, entertainment and politics were called to bring their vision of the facts, and more generally of the world, to the studio, with the aim of offering every Saturday a kaleidoscope of ideas to reflect together. “What I would like to avoid are the classic talk show brawls – Gramellini explained to Adnkronos shortly before the presentation of the program – I would like to combine lightness with the disclosure and narration of facts related to current affairs”.

Gramellini said he was enthusiastic about having Vecchioni alongside him because ”he is a man who has a history, a very broad world of knowledge, he is a singer, a professor and a writer. He himself told me that thanks to this television experience he also discovered his streak of dissemination which taught him to have the humility to lower himself a little to reach as many people as possible.

“It makes me laugh at those who think that culture is something ‘high’, boring – added Gramellini – culture is not a language just for a select few but must reach the greatest number of people and we will try to do it through lightness’ ‘. On his choice to move from Rai to La7 Gramellini at Adnkronos is keen to underline that ”there is no political reason behind it. Mine was a choice dictated by a strictly professional reason, it is the challenge of hosting a program in prime time after 7 years of prime time access. In Rai I have always been free, no one has ever censored me”.

‘In Altri Parole’ does not stop on Saturday evening and will include another event on Sunday evening, from 8.35pm to 9.15pm from 24 September. A sort of cultural insert to the program where we will delve deeper into a current theme or topic that is heating up the debate in our country.

(by Alisa Toaff)