Grammy 2023, Kevin Costner honored Clive Davis: “You were Whitney’s ‘bodyguard'”

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“None of us could ultimately protect our beloved Whitney, but your imprints on her life are clear, my friend. You’ve been a miracle in her life. Thanks for being his ‘bodyguard’, Clive.” During the gala that preceded the ceremony on Saturday evening Grammy Awards, Kevin Costner paid homage to the record producer Clive Davis thanking him for being a guide for Whitney Houston ever since their collaboration in the 1992 film Bodyguard and for having also supported the famous soundtrack I Will Always Love You. The tribute, boosted by the performance of Jennifer Hudson in the song Greatest Love Of Allalso particularly touched the audience for the memory of the same gala evening in 2012, when Houston was found drowned in the bathtub of the Beverly Hilton Hotel room due to a combination of cocaine and heart problems.


“The first time I was ever in this room, I was wearing a rented tux and I saw Gregory Peck receive a Lifetime Achievement Award,” the actor said. “These stages we aspire to, these rooms, where so much has been celebrated, may be one of the loneliest places in the world”, he continued, emphasizing however the fundamental presence of mentors like Davis, who help to believe in oneself. An essential role, even in meeting Houston: “Whitney has become the most celebrated singer of her generation. But she was also an inexperienced actress and it wasn’t clear if this was something she should aspire to, or even something that would be good for her career.” According to Costner, the singer perceived the film as “a way to reinvent herself,” but for Davis, “it was a career move of hers that she wrote on top of a recipe for disaster.” For the manufacturer, “Bodyguard it was always going to be about the singer. It was always going to be about Whitney,” Costner continued. “Clive was right. If Whitney hadn’t worked, the movie wouldn’t have worked.”