Grammy Awards, a musician has accused former awards chief Neil Portnow of rape

A woman filed in Manhattan Supreme Court a complaint against the former head of Grammy Awards, Neil Portnow75 years old, for a rape he allegedly committed in 2018and against the non-profit group that organizes the American Music Oscars, Recording AcademyFor having ignored the alleged violence. The woman preferred to remain anonymous, but she is a non-American musician who once played at Carnegie Hall. According to the indictment, the appellant met Portnow in a hotel room in New York at the time. Before her attack, the big man in her music industry would have offered her a drink, which would have stunned her until she intermittently lost consciousness. A spokesman for the man replied that the accusations are “completely false” and “undoubtedly motivated by Portnow’s refusal to comply with the appellant’s outrageous requests for money and assistance in obtaining a residence visa for her”.


According to legal documents, the appellant reported the alleged facts to the Recording Academy as early as 2018. However, the organization ignored the report. It’s not the first time Portnow has ended up at the center of a media storm. In 2019 the man resigned from his role as CEO of the Grammy Awards after stating that in the music world women should “step up” to get more recognition. News of the allegations first emerged in 2020, and second his successor Deborah Dugan the case would have been ignored or deliberately covered up to avoid the outbreak of a scandal. During her tenure, the woman was allegedly pressured to resign, which she later did.