Gran Turismo arrives at the cinema. Orlando Bloom: “It’s exciting to tell this story”

Action, adventure, drama: director Neil Blomkamp didn’t skimp on emotion when directing Gran Turismo: The story of an impossible dream.

After all, the title itself says it: when you want to make a dream come true, effort, tenacity, constancy and determination come into play.

David Harbor and Orlando Bloom are some of the protagonists of a film inspired by a true story, that of the young Gran Turismo player, Jann Mardenborough, who, by winning a series of competitive races in the video game, manages to become a professional driver in real life.

Here are the words of Orlando Bloom.


“My character (Danny Moore) is really inspired by whoever first had this idea, who created a competition he called GT Academy. He told himself that in this way he would bring together the best of the best and thought that the winner would automatically be able to compete in a real race, in the Nissan team. Obviously at first it was seen as a crazy idea: he went to Japan, met with Nissan top management and tried to get this idea accepted. But I will all say to him: ‘Are you crazy? Who would ever pay for this? You basically want to take a guy off his couch and throw him into a real competition…you’re crazy.’ But his strong determination rewarded him.”

“Now it seems normal to us, but at the time it was defined as a crazy idea – he continued -.

It was exciting to have such a famous name as “Gran Turismo” and to have real stories behind these realities, with concrete characters who live together with us and who had passion and vision, and who managed to put them into practice. That’s what we tried to recreate with this film.”