Grand Hotel previews, fifth episode: shocking news, big shock for everyone!

Let’s find out the previews of the fifth episode of Grand Hotel on August 19th: shocking news, big shock for everyone.

A fourth episode of Grand Hotel-intrigues and passions totally unmissable, the one that was aired on Canale 5 on Friday 12 August and which anticipates something sensational. In exactly six days, in fact, a new appointment of the beloved Spanish TV series will be broadcast and – as we have been able to see from the previews – it would seem that everything will really happen in this.

Grand Hotel. Credits: Video mediaset

Before proceeding with the previews of the fifth episode of Grand Hotel, on the air as usual on Friday 19th August, we do a brief ‘recall’ of what happened during the fourth appointment. Belen was killed. And, to take the blame for what happened to her, it was Andres, who is ready to be executed. His friends will try everything to clear him, but there are those who are serious about indicting him. Will the dectective Ayala be able to make people understand his innocence? We’ll see!

In the course of the August 19th episode, it seems that the tenants of the Grand Hotel will receive shocking news, which will send them all in shock. What are we talking about? Let’s find out together!

Grand Hotel fifth episode, the previews: big shock coming!

Just as we have been accustomed to in these events, but also in all previous seasons, even there fifth episode of Grand Hotel promises to be full of twists. The advances leaked on the web, in fact, they tell us that in the next appointment things will alternate that will make the episode even more unforgettable. Are you ready to find out more? Let’s proceed down to the smallest detail!

In the first episode of this fifth episode of Grand Hotel, entitled Il Castigo, we will see a first and great twist: Donna Angela will be against Donna Teresa! In particular, the head housekeeper has the opportunity to testify against the owner of the Grand Hotel for the murder of Celia Valledur. Something, however, will not go the right way! Donna Teresa, having learned of her intentions, will push Donna Angela to desist. How? The answer is very simple: Andres is still in prison for Belen’s alleged murder and is about to be executed, so Alicia’s mother will make Donna Angela understand that she knows how to clear the young waiter. A rather strategic plan, don’t you think? In the meantime, however, Alicia, Maite and Julio will go to Bazan’s home to look for evidence, even the smallest, that can frame him.

Execution, on the other hand, is the title of this second episode. And, as is clearly understood, it involves Andres’ execution of death. The young man pleaded guilty to Belen’s murder and is now ready to die. A big shock to everyone, then! Finally, Diego discovers his wife’s clandestine affair with Julio and will seriously want to frame her.

previews grand hotel fifth episode
Andres. Credits: Mediaset Play

In short, never like this time everything will really happen. Will you follow it?