Grand Hotel previews, first episode: bitter discovery for Julio, the unthinkable has happened

Friday 22 July the first episode of Grand Hotel will be broadcast, but what are its previews: a bitter discovery for Julio.

Many were waiting for this moment and now it has arrived: starting tonight, Friday 22 July, the third and final season of Grand Hotel will be broadcast. Only a week has passed since the finale of New Amsterdam, but the audience of Canale 5 already has the opportunity to be the protagonist of a unique and unrepeatable event.

Grand Hotel first episode. Credits: Instagram

If you too have been anxiously awaiting this moment and are curious to know what they are the previews of the first episode of Grand Hotel, this is the right article for you. In fact, starting at 21:45 on Friday 22 July, the ‘intrigues and passions’ of the famous Spanish hotel are ready to entertain their beloved and large audience. What will happen though? Recently, we explained to you how last season ended and we told you about the twists that will take place during these new episodes, but what can we expect from this first date? According to what is learned from some advances leaked on the web, it would seem that a sensational twist is coming. We try to understand everything in detail much more closely.

Grand Hotel, previews of the first episode: bad blow for Julio

There are very few hours to go first episode of the third season of Grand Hotel – intrigues and passions, but you are curious to know which are his advances? According to some news leaked from the web, it would seem that this first appointment will be totally unmissable. Ready to find out more?

The third season of Grand Hotel – intrigues and passions starts right where we left them. Due to some circumstances still to be clarified, the hotel was totally destroyed by a dramatic fire. What happened? And, above all, what caused the terrible event? We’ll see! The fact is that it was Alicia who paid for it. The woman, in fact, has mysteriously disappeared and both Julio and Diego are desperate for her. In particular, the latter will find a letter from his wife and will claim that the woman has gone away by his will. Everything seems to confirm his thesis, but neither Julio nor Ayala intend to believe him.

In the second episode of this third season, there will be a sensational new entry. Let’s talk about Madice, a very young lawyer friend of Alicia who will go after her with Julio. The woman, however, had completely different plans! Finally, the young Diego will receive an attractive proposal. Will he accept Sofia’s request? We will see! One thing is certain: it would be a huge twist!

advances grand hotel first episode
Sofia and Julio. Credits: Instagram

Having said that, we just have to give you an appointment tonight!