Grand Hotel previews, last episode: in danger of dying, sensational twist

Advances Grand Hotel last episode: one of the main protagonists is likely to die, sensational twist, what will happen.

We told you it was going to be four creepy last episodes, right? After last night’s episode, know that another one awaits us, unfortunately the last one, totally unmissable. A truly impressive showdown, we assure you, during which it would seem that all the knots will come to a head.

Grand Hotel last episode. Credits: Mediaset Play

Although everything we have discovered about a possible continuation of Grand Hotel does not make us and all its spectators happy, we can take heart to know that the season finale that will air tonight will definitively close a circle. All the knots, as we said a little while ago, will come to a head. And finally you will find out if Alicia and Julio will finally be able to enjoy their love story in the light of the sun.

While waiting to find out everything that will happen tonight in the smallest detail, know that the previews of the last episode of Grand Hotel they foresee so many things. Starting with Alicia, who continues to be a prisoner of her husband for a single purpose, until the return of Belen, these last two episodes of the TV series will be creepy. Be very careful, one of its main protagonists will risk death! A truly sensational twist, right? Let’s find out the details together.

Last Grand Hotel episode, the previews: everything will happen tonight, unmissable

A’last episode of Grand Hotel hard to forget! The advances, in fact, they tell us that in this seventh appointment, broadcast starting at 21:30 on Friday 26 August, really everything will happen. No more chatter, here’s what we need to find out.

In the penultimate episode of the TV series, entitled The Sacrifice, Alicia goes to visit her husband, in the meantime taken prisoner by her, to have him sign the papers to cancel their marriage. As soon as she arrives, however, she will make a sensational discovery: Diego is on the ground examining because of a blow from a third person! Who will have been to do this to the good Murquìa. Who knows! Meanwhile, Ayala discovers the young Alarcon next to her husband and can do nothing but take tough steps towards her. Finally, Belen returns to all intents and purposes, but Andres now can no longer trust her. However, the former maid’s stay in the hotel will not be a walk in the park: there is someone plotting behind her and is ready to bring out all her deceptions.

In the last episode of the Grand Hotel, entitled ‘Cholera’, one of the main protagonists of the TV series is in danger of dying. An epidemic of cholera, in fact, advances in the hotel and everyone is in very serious danger of contagion, but Donna Teresa and her son Alfredo have no intention of the family hotel at all. What will happen?

previews grand hotel last episode
Diego Murqìa. Credits: Mediaset Play

We will not miss this last appointment of the Grand Hotel, you?