Grand Hotel previews, sixth episode: Alicia will be in danger, Diego’s shock gesture

Let’s find out together the advances of the sixth episode of Grand Hotel: Alicia is in great danger, Diego will make a shock gesture.

Also this third season of Grand Hotel is coming to an end! A little less than a month after the beginning of these last episodes, the Spanish TV series is about to draw conclusions. And, reading the previews of the sixth episode, it would seem that she is ready to do it in the best way.

Grand Hotel sixth episode. Credits: Mediaset Play

Great news for the latest episodes of Grand Hotel! Initially, as many know, the season finale of the TV series was set for September 2nd. In these last hours, however, a truly sensational news has spread: the last two episodes of Grand Hotel will be broadcast after 24 hours. In short, it will be a rather demanding episode for all lovers of the TV series, but we assure you that it will be really worth it.

According to what we learn from the advances that we managed to leak from the web, it would seem that during the sixth episode Alicia will be in great danger. And, unfortunately, the one who will not make the young Alarcòn feel safe in her will be her husband Diego. The good Murquìa, in fact, will be seriously intent on finding out who his wife’s lover is. And, to do so, he is really willing to do anything.

Grand Hotel sixth episode, the previews: the unthinkable will happen, great twists!

Hold on tight: the sixth episode of Grand Hotel, aired on Thursday 25 August, it will be full of impressive twists. After the last appointment, which saw Andres increasingly close to the execution of death, the Spanish TV series is ready to give another totally unmissable one. No more chatter, let’s find out all together advances of this penultimate episode.

The first episode of the sixth episode of Grand Hotel is entitled ‘The health of the dead’ and, as we said, will show its viewers some great twists. One of all, the confession of Cisneros to Donna Teresa. The man is the maitre d of the Grand Hotel, but his presence is not only limited to this. It would seem, in fact, that Cisneros has chosen this hotel as a job to take revenge on Diego. A shocking confession, as we can clearly understand, but which will allow Donna Teresa to ally with him. In the meantime, however, Laura will make a proposal to her husband Javier: she will want to have a child with him. The reaction of the young Alarcòn, however, is not the best. Aware of his wife’s insanity, Javier will not gladly accept his wife’s request.

The second and final episode of the evening is titled Revenge and will see Alicia in great danger. Diego, in fact, is seriously intent on understanding who his wife’s lover is and will tend to both a trap. The director of the hotel, therefore, will make the young Alarcòn prisoner, allowing Julio – who in the meantime has started looking for him – to come out into the open. Diego, once he knows the identity of his wife’s lover, will challenge him to a duel. Who will win?

advances grand hotel sixth episode
Grand Hotel Alicia. Credits: mediaset Play

In short, a very important episode, the one that will be broadcast on August 25th. Anything really will happen!