Grand Hotel previews, third episode: a sensational truth emerges, eyes on Diego

The previews of the third episode of Grand Hotel on Friday 5 August tell us that a bitter truth will emerge: eyes on Diego.

A hangover Friday night, the one that is airing in these weeks after the season finale of New Amsterdam. To replace the medical drama of Canale 5, which for the fifth and last edition will have to do without one of its main protagonists, was the famous and beloved Spanish TV series Grand Hotel-intrigues and passions! Did you follow last night’s episode? Know that the third, the one that will be broadcast on Friday 5 August, will be totally unmissable.

Grand Hotel. Credits: Mediaset Play

For those who have followed the second episode of Grand Hotel of Friday 29 July and now he does not see the gold arriving next week to find out what will happen in the third appointment of the 5 August, do not worry: our article will explain in detail all the advances. According to what we learn from the web, it would seem that in the third episode of Grand Hotel a sensational truth will emerge that will worry – and not a little – Diego. He is therefore the protagonist of this third and final season of Grand Hotel. What will be discovered, however, about him? And, above all, what reaction will he have?

Grand Hotel, advances third episode: Diego in the viewfinder, a shocking truth is discovered

As in the other previous appointments, also the third episode of Grand Hotel will see Alicia and Diego working together with Maite to discover what Diego hides in the past. In fact, his wife is particularly interested in it. And, thanks to the help of her lover and the young lawyer, she will do everything to find out what the man is hiding. Will he succeed? Exposing your spouse’s past is by no means a trivial matter. In the next episode, however, it would seem that the three young boys will discover something new and that, without any doubt, will shed light on Diego’s past. No more chatter, let’s find out all together previews of the third episode of Grand Hotel.

The fifth episode of this third season of Grand Hotel is titled ‘Nobility brings obligations’. In this episode, you will see a close collaboration between Alicia, Diego, Maite and Ayala. The latter, in fact, will be very busy finding out who Ezequiel’s killer is, but when she realizes that the culprit is going to ‘play’ with her by sending her some riddles to solve, she asks the three boys for help. It is at this point that she comes to discover her name, which – apparently – will not be at all unknown to Diego. This is Adrian Vera Celande. In your eyes, surely, it will be an unknown name, but it would seem that it is not for the good Murquìa. In short, the plot thickens more and more.

Finally, in the sixth and final episode of the evening, there will be a charity evening at the Grand Hotel. It is on this occasion that Julio and Alicia receive a book, which will bring them closer and closer to the truth about Diego.

previews grand hotel third episode
Grand Hotel third. Credits: mediaset Play

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