Graziella Pagano dies, farewell: “Dear Comrades, my battle ends here”

On Facebook the farewell letter of the former senator, candidate for the Chamber with the Third Pole and author of the first draft of the Dico

“Dear Friends, Dear Companions, my battle ends here. Before ‘going over to the other side’, I leave you a big hug and a sincere thanks”. Thus began the farewell letter entrusted to his son Lorenzo and published today on the Facebook page of Graziella Paganoformer senator, candidate for the Chamber with the Third Pole and author of the first draft of the Dico, who passed away after a long illness.

“In recent years – writes Pagano – you have never made me feel alone and I have always felt your affection and your closeness strongly. This is also why I accepted to apply. Not to return, but to represent a community. to belong. Young and older women and men who allowed me to do what I did, in politics and beyond, and to whom I will always be connected. Unfortunately my illness prevailed: but I fought vigorously until the end . And I’m leaving with my dignity, not allowing it to transform me into what I am not. “

“Now – we read – it’s time to fly to heaven. I’ll go to battle there too, you know me. I entrust to my son Lorenzo, the great love of my life (stay close to him, please) these last words and an invitation not to I don’t want to feel sad, I don’t want to feel lost. Go on as if nothing has happened, keep doing what you were doing. Stop the election campaign just to come to my funeral, if you like. I leave you like this, proud and I am proud to have once again had you by my side. To have been part of a wonderful story made of collective civil commitment, passionate challenges, noble politics never available to begging but always rigorous and with clean hands “.

“On September 25th I will be in Heaven (if they want me), my seat will click there with all due respect to my internal and external opponents. on earth it has expired, I send you one last kiss. Goodbye, La Leonessa “, the last farewell of the former senator.