Great Britain, in London infected 1 out of 10. Maybe 2 million positives at Christmas

The Omicron variant keeps England in check. According to data released by the government, the number of infections has increased by 48% in the past 7 days compared to the previous week.

Hundreds of thousands of people in solitary confinement on the 24th and 25th

According to official estimates (which could be downwards) in London one in 10 people have Covid while Boris Johnson is under accusation for not having decided – at the moment – to launch new measures. It goes without saying that most people have decided to spend the holidays in isolation anyway.

The numbers

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 2.83% of the population in England is positive for the virus or 1.5 million people. In Wales, one in 45 citizens, or 70,000 people, in Northern Ireland 45,000, in Scotland 79,000 The primacy is in London, where, as we said, one in 10 has Covid. The data were released on December 24 and refer to the week of December 13-19. Today, therefore, the numbers may have changed with the projections that speak of 2 million positives on Christmas day.

Wales, Scotland and Ireland

In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, further measures have been taken, such as the rule of up to six people together, while in England Boris Johnson is hesitant to introduce new measures despite the progress of the pandemic with its popularity sinking in the polls. .

Teams of vaccinators directly at home

Meanwhile, Britain is evaluating the possibility of sending vaccination teams directly to the homes of those who have not yet been vaccinated. This was reported by the Mail on Sunday, recalling what has already happened in Ipswich, the capital of the English county of Suffolk. Downing Street believes reaching those who have not yet received any vaccine doses is key to avoiding new restrictions.