Great Britain, Kate leaves Windsor for the first time after the surgery

Kate Middleton left Windsor for the first time after the operation for a family holiday on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, where King Charles is also currently staying. “Catherine is recovering well,” a friend told the Daily Mail. “She was looking forward to a change of scenery and peace in Norfolk while the boys are free with William.” Kate, William and their three children will stay in their home, Anmer Hall, a Georgian-style residence within the ten-room estate, Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding gift to her grandson on the occasion of the wedding.

Kate’s recovery and King Charles’ condition

The Princess of Wales was discharged twelve days ago from the London clinic where she underwent surgery, the cause of which was not disclosed. Since that day Kate had never shown herself in public, while her husband was a guest at a charity event on Wednesday where he also joked about the fact that the last few weeks he has mainly been focused on medical topics. In fact, his father, King Charles, also underwent surgery for an enlarged prostate and was diagnosed with cancer during subsequent tests. The type of cancer was not disclosed, although it is known to not be prostate cancer; nor the stadium. While waiting to learn more about the king’s condition, Kensington Palace has decided to support William with a former diplomat, Ian Patrick, who will join his work team to guide him during his trips abroad. In fact it is the entire staff working alongside the Prince and Princess of Wales that will likely be restructured, given that the Prince and Princess will have their own private secretaries.

Harry’s reaction

After learning of his father Harry’s illness, the Duke of Sussex returned to the UK from the US for a quick meeting with the King, arriving in the UK less than twenty-four hours after the news became public, traveling to Clarence House, the London residence of Charles and Camilla; but less than an hour after his black Range Rover had crossed the palace gates, Charles and Camilla were seen leaving to go to Buckingham Palace from where, shortly afterwards, a helicopter took off from the roof, taking them to Sandringham Castle. Harry then spent an hour with his father, a private meeting, before returning to the United States, appearing in public the next day without mentioning his father.