“Great disappointment”, she is single again and announces it only now: everyone is stunned

She is single again: her love story is over, but only now she has announced it, her words leave everyone stunned.

“It seemed to be love, but instead it was a gig”, it is precisely by quoting the title of an unforgettable film by Massimo Troisi that we want to start this article of ours today. After some time from the beginning of her love story, the beloved face of Canale 5 has announced that she has returned single.

She is single again. Credits: Instagram

There are love stories that culminate in dream weddings – just like that of Damiano Carrara and his Chiara – and others that, unfortunately, do not reach this milestone. It is the example of a beloved couple, who gave ample proof of his love in a Mediaset program, but also of a former competitor of the GF Vip. Just a few hours ago, through a series of IG Stories, the former Vippo announced that he was returned single. We don’t know what happened between them, mind you, but it would seem that this was a decision taken for some time.

“A big disappointment”, it is with these words that the former gieffina announced the end of her love story, leaving everyone stunned. Nobody knew anything about it until now, so you can clearly understand how much the announcement surprised – and not a little – everyone. Let’s find out who we are talking about.

She is single again: the announcement is completely unexpected, what happened

At first she declared herself single in the house of the GF Vip, but when she was ‘unmasked’ by the landlord, she could not help but reveal how madly she was in love with her man. As well as the relationship of the two very young actors, also that of the beloved face of Canale 5 has come to an end. We do not know what exactly happened and what led the ex gieffina to leave her partner, but what matters to know is that returned single. His love affair with the famous entrepreneur, therefore, has come to an end, but at the moment the reasons are not known.

Just like the former protagonist of Temptation Island did, revealing the face of his new flame, Raffaella Fico also announced to her social audience that she is single again. Through a series of IG stories uploaded to her official account, the beloved Neapolitan showgirl has revealed the closure of her love story. “Ugly sentimental page”, the beautiful Raffaella answers to those who ask her why her engagement with Piero Neri has ended.

returned single
IG Story Raffaella. Credits: Instagram

“For me it turned out to be a great disappointment”, concluded the showgirl.

What was Piero Neri’s reaction?

Raffaella’s announcement, useless to deny it, really surprised everyone, but how did your ex-partner react? Unfortunately, we don’t know! Piero Neri, in fact, has no social channels. Let’s imagine, however, that Fico’s words reached him loud and clear and that, very soon, we will know more.