Great emotion for the beloved singer: his daughter got married, a dream wedding

The daughter of the beloved singer is finally married: great emotion for him, the young woman’s wedding was fabulous.

An emotion never felt until now, the one experienced by famous singer when in recent days he accompanied him to his altar daughter. Great party, therefore, not only for the young girl who finally is married with her prince charming, but also for all the singer’s admirers, who never missed an opportunity to shower him with her affection.

The daughter of the beloved singer got married – what a joy! Credits: Instagram

On 21 June last, the very young Neapolitan got married with her partner. We don’t know much about her love story, nor how they met. From what we learn from the web, it would seem that the two met in 2020 and that, last December, the famous marriage proposal arrived. A few days ago, however, the wedding, just like those of the beloved former Miss Italy. It is useless to tell you about the emotion of the girl’s father, who in some videos shown on the web shows himself tense and excited for this last step.

Great joy for the singer: his daughter got married

Even before accompanying her to the altar and starting a new life, the beloved singer wanted to reserve some really creepy words for her daughter. With an image that portrays them in the past, the Neapolitan interpreter tried to explain how immense his emotion was for the young girl’s wedding. “I feel in my chest, the heart beating strongly for an emotion that perhaps I have never told so in my songs”, wrote the singer on Instagram.

Annachiara Sorrentino, daughter of the great Sal Da Vinci, she finally got married with his Salvatore, a young player currently on loan to Pistoiese, in Naples on 21 June last. In an enchanting princely dress full of glitter, the young Annachiara thrilled everyone with her incredible beauty, including her dad who was quite agitated before walking down the aisle.

As we said previously, we don’t have a lot of news about their love story. We can tell you, however, that – as well as the day of their wedding – the proposal was also a dream. Just like in fairy tales, in short!

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Credits: Instagram

We wish Annachiara and Salvatore a good life!