Great expectations for the final of Amici 21, but how do you vote for your favorite?

There is great anticipation for the final of Amici 21 on Sunday 15 May, but are you curious to know how to vote for the favorite?

After the unmissable Eurovision final that saw only one country out of the 25 that took part in it triumph, there is another final that everyone is looking forward to with anxiety and trepidation. We are talking precisely that of Friends 21. Sunday 15 May the winner of this twenty-first edition of the talent will be elected live, ma how do you vote?

How do you vote for the favorite at Amici 21? Credits: Instagram

Several months after its inception, Amici 21 has come to an end. Just tonight the final will be broadcast, at the end of which the winner will be elected. Only one among Serena, Albe, Luigi, Sissi, Alex and Michele, therefore, will be able to take home the final prize money. Who? At the moment, everything is still to be determined. But all that matters now is to know how to vote for your favorite. Apparently, in fact, not only the vote of the technical jury will determine the winner, but also that of the home audience. Let’s find out something more.

Amici 21, how do you vote for your favorite?

Like any self-respecting ending, even in this one of Friends 21 which will be broadcast tonight, the public vote will be decisive. Of course, as we said previously, it will not be the only one at all. According to what is learned from the regulation, in fact, it would seem that in some tests it will be possible to vote for both juries: the public and the technical one! In others, however, it will be only the public from home to vote.

You may be wondering too how do you vote? There are so many solutions nowadays. Not only will it be possible to vote by sending an SMS to the numbers 477.000.1 or 477.000.0, by typing the code of the favorite, but it will be possible to vote via the Mediaset Infinity and Witty Tv apps, both downloadable for free, on the Witty Tv website. we did not miss absolutely anything! Obviously, the service is only available for adults. That said, we just have to wait a few more hours and find out who will win. Who will do it between Serena, Albe, Luigi, Sissi, Alex and Michele, in your opinion?

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Credits: Instagram

Let’s get ready for a crazy show: tonight she’ll be in the studio too!