Great protagonist of Big Brother 13, today she is far from TV: here she is seven years later, you won’t believe it

It was 2014 and she managed to stay in the Big Brother 13 house from start to finish: how does the former protagonist of the reality show today?

The thirteenth edition of Big Brother was one of the last in the Nip version: it began with particular difficulty because, as many will remember, in December 2013 the house was set on fire. The first episode was supposed to have aired on January 23, 2014, but this unfortunate incident delayed the departure.

Great protagonist of Big Brother 13, she then moved away from TV: here she is seven years later, you won’t believe it (Youtube)

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It was precisely following the serious episode that the house was modified compared to previous editions: less luxury and more simplicity as in the first editions. Moreover, after three very long editions, the old format was returned with a duration of three months and only 17 competitors.

It was the penultimate edition conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi, flanked first by Manuela Arcuri and Cesare Cunaccia and then by Vladimir Luxuria in the role of commentators. The winner was Mirco Petrilli, the nice farmer who fell in love with the beautiful Modestina.

Among the absolute protagonists of that adventure, there was certainly Angela Viviani, then 28 years old. It hasn’t appeared on TV for years, let’s find out how it has become!

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At the time of her entry into the most spied-on house in Italy, Angela was unemployed and determined to face that experience to take “revenge”. The most outstanding quality that she showed during her journey was the strong and decisive character that made her much loved by the public.

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To the Big Brother 13 lived an exciting story with the roommate Fabio Pellegrino, lasted even after the reality show, which however did not have a happy ending. On the radio broadcast It won’t happen again, Angela told about it: “We went through a beautiful period, but we also went through our crises, we looked at each other and we said that we love each other: probably for Fabio, as I have always said, I would throw still in the fire, but there is not the feeling of love that people hoped for “.

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protagonist of Big Brother 13
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Today Viviani continues to be very followed by fans and, incredible but true, she hasn’t changed at all in these seven years: her physical shape is excellent, congratulations!