Greece, 21 members of CasaPound arrested at Athens airport

Twenty-one people belonging to the CasaPound Italia movement traveling to Athens to participate in the commemoration of Giorgos and Manolis, two Greek boys killed outside a section of Golden Dawn in 2013, were stopped by local law enforcement after landing at the airport. CasaPound itself made this known via Telegram. (TEN SENTENCES FOR THE OCCUPATION OF THE ESQUILINE PALACE)

The statements

According to what Agi has learned, some investigations into the political nature of the group are underway on members of the movement. Those arrested will be identified and then released. Among the blocked people, in addition to the president Gianluca Iannone, also Luca Marsella, spokesperson of the movement and outgoing councilor of the 10th Municipality of Rome where, in 2017, CasaPound reached 9% of the votes, a historic result for the Turtles. “It is unacceptable that over 20 people are arbitrarily stopped and arrested as soon as they get off a plane just for wanting to participate in the commemoration of two boys murdered in cold blood. – wrote Gianluca Iannone, president of CasaPound Italia, head of the delegation that arrived in Athens and among those stopped by the police -. The police intervention was arbitrary and devoid of any sense, with a disproportionate deployment of agents and certainly this unjustified repression will not prevent us from commemorating two boys barbarically killed in cold blood”. According to Greek police sources, the authorities had gathered information on the plane travel of 21 far-right Italians who had responded to appeals from the rally organizers, sent across Europe. Now the administrative expulsion procedure will be started against the 21 for reasons of national security. Faced with the risk of possible clashes today, Kathimerini also announced that the General Police Directorate of Attica has issued a ban both for today’s commemoration rally and for the other counter-demonstrations announced by representatives of Greek anti-fascist organizations.